Damaged Goods Radio

Damaged Goods Radio

A music interview/pop culture podcast.

Matt interviews bands from the world of Punk, Post-Punk/New Wave, Garage Rock and beyond. Plus weird food news, music news, film talk and more!

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    Episode #211 - Nots (Memphis, TN)

    Matt chats with the synth punk band Nots (Memphis, TN) while they were on tour for their latest release an album titled 3.

    Matt also re-caps his first interview with the band back in 2015 when they opened for Roky Erickson at the Hopscotch Music Festival in Raleigh, NC.a

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    Episode #210 - Tacocat (Seattle, WA)

    Matt sat down with the band Tacocat (Seattle, WA) before their show at The Pinhook in Durham, NC to discuss Sub Pop, Cheerwine soda, hologram tours, playing Coachella, High Times Magazine and the "Crimson Wave" music video.

    Plus Matt and Chris bring you food news and Emily's Swedish track of the week.

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    Episode #209 - Future Punx (Brooklyn, NY)

    Matt sits down with Future Punx (Brooklyn, NY) to discuss their history, love of new wave music and dreams of starting their own Sirius XM satellite radio channel.

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    Episode #208 - Glove (Tampa, FL)

    Matt recently sat down with the band Glove (Tampa, FL) for an interview at Neptunes in Raleigh, NC. Matt is joined in the studio by Emily and Chris as they discuss the wacky world of food news (salad frosting, coffee dippin dots, Walmart delivering groceries inside your house when you aren't home) plus your Australian (Hierophants) and Swedish tracks of the week (Arre! Arre!).

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    Episode #207 - Shopping (London/Glasgow, UK)

    Matt sits down to chat with the band Shopping (London/Glasgow, UK). Plus recent jams by Jon Spencer (New York, NY), Palberta (Brooklyn, NY), Parsnip (Melbourne, Australia) and more!

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    Episode #205 - Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia)

    Matt is joined in the studio by Emily and Chris to discuss the merits of PBR whiskey, marmite stuffed crust pizza and hamburgers that induce nightmares. Plus an interview with Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia) and new jams by Amyl And The Sniffers (Melbourne, Australia), Uranium Club (Minneapolis, Minnesota) and Hash Redactor (Memphis, TN).

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    Episode #204 - My Mother The Car

    Matt is joined in the studio by Emily and DJ Dune Sting (aka Chris Larr) The Police, Sting's solo career, mall culture, arcades, Zoltar, the upcoming Nintendo theme park, 80s action TV show flops and the incredibly bizarre 60s TV show My Mother The Car.

    Plus new jams by Vital Idles (Glasgow, UK), Bananagun (Melbourne, Australia), Future Punx (Brooklyn, NY) and more!

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    Episode #203 - Ed Schrader's Music Beat

    Matt caught up with the band Ed Schrader's Music Beat (Baltimore, MD) recently for a discussion on the history of the band, singing "This Is How We Do It", pulling pranks on Barenaked Ladies and more.

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    Episode #202 - Stevie (Durham, NC)

    Matt catches up with the band Stevie (Durham, NC) at the Hopscotch Music Festival.

    Matt is joined by special guest Chris Larr (DJ Dune Sting), they discuss bad chain restaurants, favorite jingles, Demolition Man and more! Plus new jams by Bangzz (Durham, NC), Paradox Obscur (Greece) and your Australian track of the week The Native Cats (Hobart, AUS).

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